Meet the Team


Hey there! A little about myself if you are interested! I studied tourism and business at university then spent a couple of years travelling and working overseas. I came home two years ago and thats when I was lucky enough to have Riley join my life! Since then we have been living life to the fullest, I got my dream job in the travel industry and have been exploring and learning about living as naturally as possible. It is something I have always tried to do to an extent but I found that I finally had the time and resources to go all in. With taking the next step and studying Naturopathy, I found that it was the perfect time to find a platform to share what I have learnt so far!


Rurow! Im Riley- the resident expert on all things canine! Mum rescued me from the pound when I was just a pup and although Im living the sweet life now I still have my fair share of peculiarities. Ive had quite a few adventures already and kept mum very busy but it has taught her heaps about all sorts of doggy issues! Im looking forward to getting to know you all and sharing all my favourite treats and adventure spots!