Our Favourites

Below you will find links to all the companies and brands we love but dont stock so you can check them out!

Going Zero Waste

This is an amazing blog! It helped me a lot when I started to conciously reduce my waste :) Kathryn makes everything seem easy and explains the reasoning behind it all so well! I would recommend checking her out and having a read of some of her posts!

Tooth Crush

This amazing company has made teeth brushing even easier! They are a subscription service that deliver your bamboo toothbrushes directly to your door every month or two depending on your preference! They even have different coloured bristles so if you have multiple in your house you can work out whose is whose!

Raw Essentials

If you have checked out my post about raw pet food, this is the place to go! They take a real interest in your pet and ensure you are giving them all the nutrients they need! They are always there for advise if you need it and have a great stock of food and treats for your best friend :)


This is my absolute favourite grocery store! They are a bulk food supplier so there is non of that plastic packaging involved! You can bring your own containers to refill or use their paper bags or glass containers to purchase. Not only this, all of their food are beyond delicious! They have a great range of organic and natural products- I would definately recommend checking them out!!

She Thinx

Thinx are an amazing empowering company that specialise in period panties!! I know this can sound a little scary but they are honestly great!! So comfy and look great :) they even have an organic cotton range!!


This sustainable shoe company uses all natural materials! They use mostly merino and trees for their materials and the results are super cool, comfy and colourful shoes!!